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At the Smithsonian website.

Amazing—a really good story.

Boing Boing—thanks for the heads up!

Below is the skinny from Boing Boing—read more at their site here:
DC Comics is giving away Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Issue #1 as a PDF download. Once you get hooked, they figure you’ll shell out for the print anthology that contains the first seven issues.

Collis Ta’eed has put a really nice roundup of personal money management sites at FreelanceSwitch – The Freelance Blog:
“I’ve spent 28 years taking my own advice, and frankly it hasn’t gotten me very far. So it’s time to listen to someone else. Here are the best and brightest voices online on money matters:”

I’ve read some of these sites, but I’m intrigued by the others.

(Click here to see Collis’ list)

Well, expect this blog to be pretty prolific in the coming months. What am I up to? Well, this Onion article is pretty relevant, especially about the alpacas…no joke.

Via The Onion:

WASHINGTON—A bipartisan committee found the plan was a “super-easy” way to rake in cash, and has already borrowed supplies from Sen. Chuck Hagel’s brother-in-law.


My first shameless plug, but if anyone buys a copy of the MacHeist promo, I could use 1 referral:
Link to my referral page
There’s more coming to this page regardless—there’s a lot going on, and I have a huge backlog of stuff to communicate.

I mean, I only saw it the once….


But it’s very funny.

Via BeaucoupKevin.

Is Apple really going to try a PDA again? AppleInsider seems to think so.

I’ve been a bit shy about putting this up, but I’m very proud to announce that The Cracked Man (the movie I helped work on with Kevin, Sam, Rich, Susie, Jinny, John, Jim, and many others) is now on Amazon!

It’s a short film, about 25 minutes, that Kevin envisioned along the lines of (I hope I get this right–I don’t have the DVD with me) German post-modern films (or was that post-expressionistic? Sorry Kevin, you’ll have to correct my info). The plot is on the Amazon page, so click here to see it. It’s also on IMDB.

It took two years to make, and was very complex to produce. I was very proud to work with everyone involved.

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