This one comes from Slashdot:

Disney Takes Another Stab at the House of the Future
Disney has announced that they are going to take another stab at showing us the “House of the Future”. The 5000-square-foot house will appear normal from the outside but will house gadgets like lights and thermostats that automatically adjust when someone enters the room and countertops that can identify food placed on it and suggest recipes.


I’d love to see it if I can get down to Orlando, but 5,000 square feet? That’s a lot of house.

(UPDATE: Crap. It’s in Disneyland, not Disney World. Anaheim is much more difficult to get to from here than Orlando.)

This is awesome! I won one of the speaker roles at REAL World 2008 in Austin next month. REALbasic is an amazing development tool, and I hope to do it justice with my talk.

But in case you haven’t heard, my wife and I and my brother-in law and sister-in law are moving to the family farm and resettling there.

Yes, the kids are coming too.

We’re building houses, but we’ll all be living in the old farmhouse during construction.

Guess it’s time for me to deal with that “sleepwalking in the nude” habit I have. Right, Keith?

Keith? You know I was just kidding, right Keith?


The entire thing, here you go!

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Well, expect this blog to be pretty prolific in the coming months. What am I up to? Well, this Onion article is pretty relevant, especially about the alpacas…no joke.

Via The Onion:

WASHINGTON—A bipartisan committee found the plan was a “super-easy” way to rake in cash, and has already borrowed supplies from Sen. Chuck Hagel’s brother-in-law.


Collis Ta’eed has put a really nice roundup of personal money management sites at FreelanceSwitch – The Freelance Blog:
“I’ve spent 28 years taking my own advice, and frankly it hasn’t gotten me very far. So it’s time to listen to someone else. Here are the best and brightest voices online on money matters:”

I’ve read some of these sites, but I’m intrigued by the others.

(Click here to see Collis’ list)

Boing Boing—thanks for the heads up!

Below is the skinny from Boing Boing—read more at their site here:
DC Comics is giving away Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Issue #1 as a PDF download. Once you get hooked, they figure you’ll shell out for the print anthology that contains the first seven issues.

At the Smithsonian website.

Amazing—a really good story.

My first shameless plug, but if anyone buys a copy of the MacHeist promo, I could use 1 referral:
Link to my referral page
There’s more coming to this page regardless—there’s a lot going on, and I have a huge backlog of stuff to communicate.

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